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[11/30/20]   🦠Quarantined until at least Dec 7th!🦠So sorry to those I’ve had to cancel/reschedule, but thank you so much for understanding during these crazy times! I’ll keep y’all updated here! Wear your mask folks!😷😘
So thankful for my client’s support and loyalty! Hope everyone enjoyed getting their belly’s full and spending some time with someone you love! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Rivertown Salon Charley’s new salon page is up and going! Go like it!! Can’t wait to see the salon when she’s finished! Moving date Dec 19th! Schedule online at!🙌🏼👏🏼 Formerly Charley of Rustic Roots Salon on Pearl street. Moving to our New location Dec.19th! Watch for updates!
And of course, all the HAIR...
Memories continued...
Heyyy y’all!!! Since I’ve started working on closing up shop, I thought it might be fun to take a stroll down memory lane. It’s definitely been a roller coaster!! Bittersweet! It is fun to look back at how it all started to where it’s ended up at now. Cherishing all the good and bad, and looking forward to new beginnings!😘
Floyd County Health Department
[11/09/20]   Just a reminder...
I’ll be starting at Angell’s on December 1st! My scheduling site, pricing, and hours are all staying the same!
Hope this helps my people who need landmarks! If you’re anything like me, north-east-south-west do nothing for me!🥴😂
[11/02/20]   😷COVID REMINDER!😷

Cases are on the rise again, and we want keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible!

1 Please reschedule your appt if you or anyone in your household...

-is sick with ANY cold/flu symptoms (especially fever, cough, loss of taste or smell)🤧
-have been exposed to anyone sick🤒
-have traveled, or🤧
-been around crowds🤒

...within the last 2 weeks!

If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID, you cannot reschedule until you’ve been cleared by a doctor/health dept.

2 Leave all unnecessary belongings in your car

3 One client per stylist (One parent may accompany a child)

4 Wait at the door until instructed to come into the salon

5 Sanitize your hands when entering

6 Masks are required unless there’s a medical exemption that you cannot wear one. Indiana’s mask mandate has been extended again until Nov 14th.

7 No unnecessary physical contact (hugging, handshakes, etc)

Our stylists are both considered high risk due to previous health issues.

Thank you!!😷 Schedulicity | Book Appointments and Classes Online If you have an appointment with Charley your appointment wasn’t cancelled! You’ve been moved to where you can now schedule any further appointments using this site! Thanks for supporting us during this transition! Mobile app available. Book all services and classes online instantly! Find more salon, spa, fitness, and health professionals near you. Discover local deals and support small businesses with us!
Hair by Melissa's cover photo

The salon is closing!!! We are both still going to be doing hair, but moving to different locations!!

Charley is working on opening her own shop right down the street from our current location. She will be right across from Arni’s pizza! 1207 State St. Rivertown Salon. Her schedule has been moved back over to Schedulicity. And as soon as she has a page up and going, I’ll share that here too! Moving date TBA!

Melissa is moving to Angell Salon & Spa in Sellersburg on December 1st! I’ll be keeping this page and using the current scheduling site on setmore.

Multiple factors contributed to this decision, and it has definitely been a tough one! Truly bittersweet! We’re celebrating the time we have left working together, while also looking forward to all the positive changes that are to come! We want to thank everyone who has come in and supported us during this 5 year, friends, coworkers, neighbors, landlords and most of all, our wonderful clients!!! We truly appreciate each and every one of you!😘

(No, we aren’t fighting, we’re still bffs, and we are supporting each other 💯%....yeah, that’s the first thing everyone asks!😂) 🎃 HALLOWEEN Salon Special!!! ASK YOUR STYLIST ABOUT IT TODAY!🤚🏼🤣 🤚🏼🤣 Dear Clients ...
[09/24/20]   Good news, bad news🤷🏼‍♀️

The mask mandate has been extended until Oct 17th😷


If you have a medical condition that compromises your health while wearing a mask, you are exempt from this order. HIPPA laws prevent us from asking you about your medical condition. If you aren’t wearing a mask, we will assume you have a medical condition and welcome you inside to support our business🩺

Thank you!🇺🇸
[09/19/20]   Polite reminder regarding cancellations! We ask for 24 hours notice, but understand sometimes there’s certain circumstances where that just can’t be done. If it’s too late to cancel online, please feel free to call or text the salon phone (812)946-9061 or messsge us here. The sooner you cancel your appointment, the more likely we’re able to fill that time slot with another client. If our chair is empty, we’re not making money. Everyone’s time is valuable. Thank you!
Board and You Bistro & Wine Bar Our neighbors are OPEN for business y’all! Can’t wait to try it out!! 😋🍽 Modern. Upscale. Affordable. Welcome to the Board and You Bistro and Wine Bar experience! Enjoy a sophisticated, warm atmosphere and a professionally crafted menu! Book your reservation on Open Table today 📅
[07/09/20]   We will be continuously following the guidelines below to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible! Our stylists are both considered high risk due to previous health issues.

1 Please reschedule your appt if you’re...
-sick with any cold/flu symptoms
-have been exposed to anyone sick
-have traveled, or
-been around crowds
...within the last 2 weeks
2 Leave all unnecessary belongings in your car
3 One client per stylist (One parent may accompany a child)
4 Wait at the door until instructed to come into the salon
5 Sanitize your hands when entering
6 Masks are required unless there’s a medical reason you cannot wear one
7 You will leave towel dried. No blow drying as long as we’re required to wear masks
8 No unnecessary physical contact (hugging, handshakes, etc)
9 Brow waxing only (no lip/chin, anything covered by mask)
10 Cash is always preferred

Thank you!!
Hairstylist Unite STYLIST STORIES

Important info for you ALL...
(Both clients and stylists)

I try to explain to clients, there are stages to hair color.
I always use Khloe Kardashian as an example, because she has done so much to her hair in the past 2 years (I put together this collage to showcase).
I want to educate all of my clients on color theory so there are no surprises when your color doesn't turn out like you expect...

Everyone has different undertones in their hair.
If you have black, dark brown, or medium brown hair... your undertone is red.

If you have light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde... your undertone is orange.

If you have light blonde to pale blonde... your undertone is yellow.

What this means:
If we color you lighter, your natural undertone is going to show through the color we achieve.

As a stylist, we are limited to what we can do for you...

1. We can bleach or lighten you to the palest color we can achieve (sometimes that may not be as light as you are hoping)... adding Olaplex to your service can greatly increase the chance of getting your hair lighter, without the expected damage.

2. We can tone your hair with... green to cancel red, blue to cancel orange, and violet to cancel yellow. (Sometimes this makes the hair muddy looking, or a little tinged to a blue, green, or violet color. Note: toner only lasts 4-6 weeks, after that,u are back to your natural undertones... so keep coming back for your toner)

3. We can balance your hair with a pH treatment. (When your hair's ph levels are off, so will your color)

4. We can seal in your color with a treatment (this helps with fade-out, keeping your color long lasting and vibrant)

What you need to do for yourself...

1. Throw out your cheap products!! (Cheap products contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the molecules in your color. Why spend all that money, just to forfeit the desired look?!)

2. Stay out of the sun!! (Sun naturally lightens hair. When your hair lightens, the natural undertones begin to pop out)

3. Get a water softener. (Hard water puts unwanted chemicals in your hair and can strip the color right out)

4. Don't do toners on yourself (drug store and beauty supply stores that YOU can buy color at, are not quality products... you will do more damage than good)

5. Buy a take-home treatment from me... this will keep your color lasting longer and your hair looking shinier and healthier.

6. Be patient. You cannot build a house overnight!! (Color takes time, or you will end up with damaged hair.)

Now, NOTE:
All of these treatments, remedies, and color applications cost money!! If you have high expectations for your hair, your wallet needs to match those expectations. Your desired look, will most likely take multiple applications, be patient... and make sure you have the money to achieve and keep up on your desired look.

If money is an issue, ask for a price quote.

If time is of the essence, don't bother getting a lighter color.

If keeping up on your investment (your hair color) isn't in your time, don't do it.

Be realistic with yourself and your budget.

Don't like what I have written? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! This here, is mine. Feel like I haven't written the truth? Feel free to write your own article, don't bash mine.

If you feel this post can better help you or your clients understand the process of color... repost and share. But only do so if you credit me in the post. Thank you
@vixenhair (instagram)

#modernsalon #americansalon #behindthechair #sunlightsbalayage #candyshaw #balaybox #keratincomplex #olaplex

Disclaimer: I, Danielle Filice, am the original creator of this collage. I, in no way, am affiliated with the photos in this collage. These photos were found on "Google search" to showcase Khloe Kardashian's hair. They are for the sole purpose of explaining my article. Thank you.
Hormones Balance Hair loss is a sign of an internal imbalance or deficiency,

So topical solutions (such as creams, shampoos, magic oils and such) will have limited results without the inner work. You need to focus on resolving the underlying causes.

If you’re struggling with hair quality issues, get to the root cause by reading our article here: Harvest Homecoming cancelled over COVID-19 concerns NEW ALBANY — This year's Harvest Homecoming Festival has been cancelled.
[06/01/20]   Just a heads up for Melissa’s light of recent events, I have temporarily adjusted my hours for safety reasons. I’m sorry, but thank you for understanding!! ~Melissa😘
[05/29/20]   Just a few reminders folks...

New government mandated safety and sanitation guidelines require we all wear a mask. You'll also be leaving towel dried.

Open by appointment only. We do not have regular hours and don't take walk-ins at this time.

Online scheduling only. PLEASE refer to your appointment confirmation email to reschedule or cancel! We're also now requiring that you create an account with a password. This will allow you to login to view/edit your scheduled appointments. BONUS, you'll also now get TEXT reminders too.

Consultation by appointment! We cannot do consultations over the phone. We need to physically see and touch your hair.

Cash is always preferred.

Additional parking is available in back ally behind Edward Jones building (across from the post office) off of Elm St.
2-in-1 Volumizing Brush Dryer $60

Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One-Step Pro Blowout Styler

Ditch the separate blow-dryer and styling brush. This is like having a volumizing round brush and high speed hair dryer all in one. Smooth, tug-resistant bristles grip the hair, giving you just the right amount of tension to create sleek styles with maximum body and lift. Adjustable airflow lets you control the heat and speed while the barrel gently smooths hair to shiny, frizz-free perfection. Now you can craft the perfect blowout with one easy-to-use styling tool.

* H11™ Variable Geometry™ Oval design for exceptional straightening, smooth volume and curled ends
* NANO TITANIUM SURFACE combines Nano Titanium ceramic with Refresh3 Max™ Activated Charcoal which allows hair to glide smoothly and distributes heat evenly
* DIRECT ION TECHNOLOGY® - Ions for faster drying, increased softness, shine and reduced frizz
* Thermaglide™ Ceramic for consistent styling results • Combined Boartech2™ bristles activated with Refresh3Max™ Activated Charcoal
* Unique stylist designed smoothflow™ bristles and vent pattern for faster drying and salon results
* Ergonomic design • Universal Dual voltage – Great for Travel
* Soft Touch finish provides comfortable grip
* Rotating temperature control with 3 speed settings
* ALCI Safety Plug
* 9 ft. Professional Swivel Cord
* Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Rustic Roots Salon's cover photo
Rustic Roots Salon
[05/23/20]   Everyone’s health and safety is our main priority. We have new safety and sanitation guidelines to follow listed below:

1 Reschedule your appt if you’re sick or have been exposed
2 Leave unnecessary belongings in your car
3 One client per stylist (One parent may accompany a child)
4 Wait outside until we tell you to come in
5 Wash or sanitize your hands before entering
6 Masks are required
7 Brow waxing/trimming only
8 You will leave towel blow drying at this time
9 No unnecessary physical contact (hugging, handshakes)
10 Cash is always preferred
New signs are up!!
We want to thank all of our amazing clients! We couldn’t do this without you! Your generosity and loyalty means the world to us! Thank you for all the extra tips, masks, hand sanitizer, snacks, and drinks!!! We truly appreciate you all!! We could not have survived this crazy busy week without your help and support!😘 Book an Appointment with Rustic Roots Salon - Hair Salon/Barbershop - New albany - Indiana No mask, no service!😷

No walk-in’s!💃🏼

Online scheduling only!💇🏼‍♀️ Book an appointment with Rustic Roots Salon using Setmore ☺️🥂🙌🏼
[05/01/20]   ‼️May 11th‼️
[04/30/20]   Hang tight folks!!!☺️I know KY and TN have reopening dates for salons, but IN does NOT yet. Once we have a confirmed date, not just from the governor, but also from the local health dept, we will let you know ASAP! Your stylist will let you know the best way to schedule. We may wait until closer to the opening day to get everyone scheduled, just in case things change again...a lot can happen in a week or a month! We’re also considering rescheduling everyone in the order they were cancelled, then opening up online scheduling for everyone else...just to be as fair as possible to everyone. We will keep you posted here! We’re just as anxious to get back to work as y’all are to get your hair done! Can’t wait to see you all soon!😘

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