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Attention ALL licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and anyone licensed in the medical field or enrolled in school for a licensed program or if you have taken an eyelash extension course and want to join for some fun and prizes. Take your business to the next level!
RSVP TO JOIN US FOR THE GLAD LASH OPEN HOUSE Sunday Sept 30 from 2pm to 5pm Holiday Inn Express & Suites Greenfield, IN. for some Lash Talk. Bring a licensed friend or a student!! RSVP TO TERRI IKERD 765-714-5248 call, leave message or text.
You can email me at [email protected]. Hope to see you there. Happy Lashing!!! Please share this post! #paulmitchelledu #paulmitchellindianapolis #gladlash #eyelashextensions #gladlasheyelashextensions #gladlashtraining #paulmitchell #gladlashcertification #lashextensions #licensedcosmetololgists #cosmetology #estheticians
Grand Opening of The Beauty Mark Salon!! GRAND OPENING OF "THE BEAUTY MARK SALON"!!!!! OPENING MONDAY DECEMBER 14th at 12 S. Plank St., Ste. B
(Right next door to Subway) Rossville, Indiana. Salon hours will be Monday-Saturday 10am to 7pm. We will be offering the following services...All Hair services, Manicures and Pedicures (Acrylic and Gel available), Esthetic services and Eyelash and Brow services. Feel free to stop in and check us out to schedule your next appointment. We can be reached at 765-714-5248 (I will inform you of the landline once changed, thank you) Please feel free to leave a message due to this being my cell phone so I can get back with you as quickly as possible.
ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION!!!!!!!! Name change and GRAND OPENING on MONDAY NOVEMBER 23rd!!! The Beauty Mark will be located at 12 Plank St. Suite, B Rossville, Indiana. (Right next to the Subway) We will be offering hair, nail and estethics services. Please share this post to get us going. Give us a call to start your holiday look at 765-714-4248. Please be patient because we will be changing our phone number to a business line once we are open. Thanks.
Timeline Photos She Paints 3 Shades Of Nail Polish On A Plastic Sandwich Bag — What She Uses It For? GENIUS! I love attempting new designs for my nails (any possible way to cut down on the salon budget!), but my novice designs suffer in the straight line department. When it come to drawing a straight line? Forget it. So when I saw the video below, I knew it was the one for nail enthusiasts like... View Art…
Get your appointment scheduled to get your fall nails and toes done!!
Needing your nails or toes done? Give me a call at 765-714-5248
Lash Education 4 Different Types of Eyelash Extensions - Vogue Lashes by Adele Sutton Strip Lashes, Cluster Lashes, Single Lashes and Volume Lashes.
Timeline Photos See What Happens When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach Something to think about Japanese water therapy is well established in the Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese people have known this simple practice for a long time and have used it to cure different conditions, ranging from headache to cancer. Japanese Water Therapy According to...
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Coming Soon!!

In recent days there have been a few news reports about formaldehyde in eyelash extension adhesives (glue). We wanted to reassure all of you that we do not add formaldehyde to our eyelash extension adhesives. Additionally, we have prepared some useful information below for your use on social media or when discussing the concern with your clients.

Notes from Jo Mousselli, Registered Nurse, CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Xtreme Lashes:

Does Xtreme Lashes add formaldehyde to its eyelash extension adhesives?
Statement 1
"We DO NOT add formaldehyde to ANY of our adhesives. Furthermore, our FlexFusion Adhesive is both hypoallergenic and medical-grade."

Statement 2
"Formaldehyde is NOT an added ingredient in any Xtreme Lashes adhesives. Our adhesives are made using the same properties and ingredients found in medical-grade adhesives. Medical-grade adhesives are used by surgeons to close wounds without stitches, a practice called suture-less wound closure. Additionally, Our FlexFusion line of adhesives are hypoallergenic, medical grade, and manufactured at a US-based, FDA registered facility that specializes in medical adhesives.

There is a very, very low chance that during the degradation process, after the drop of adhesive has been dispensed from the bottle, a miniscule amount of formaldehyde 'may' be produced. This is true of all cyanoacrylate adhesives- including those used in the medical industry to close wounds without sutures. Please note that we teach our Lash Stylists to change the adhesive drop every 15 minutes and to discard the bottle every three months after opening. Having said this, if formaldehyde is released, the chance is very, very small and the amount is very, very minuscule."

Do eyelash extension adhesives or eyelash extension applications cause infections?
"Infections are caused by pathogens: infectious microorganisms such as bacterias, viruses, fungus/yeast, and parasites. Xtreme Lashes adhesives are developed under strict sanitary and hygienic conditions. Additionally, our Lash Stylists are trained to perform safe, sanitary, and hygienic application techniques, using single-use disposable application products to prevent contamination and the spread of infectious organisms from one person to another through cross-contamination.

The only application tools that are NOT disposable are the tweezers, scissors, and adhesive trays which can be disinfected and sanitized with solutions such as Barbicide®. Furthermore, we train our Lash Stylists to segment lash extensions from lash trays, using designated clean scissors, and to apply the lash segments to a clean and single-use disposable sponge prior to the application to prevent cross-contamination."
Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extension 101 by Xtreme Lashes. Did you know that Xtreme Lashes Stylists take the time to measure and calculate what length and thickness they are able to use on your natural lashes to give you your desired look without causing damage? A good stylist will always walk through a full consultation with you to talk about your wants and also your lifestyle to determine what is right for you. Tools like the Lash Calculator, taught in our #Volumation training, can help stylists easily make safe choices on the proper lashes to be used. Stylists, have you had clients come to you with botched lash jobs?
No mascara!! Love it Loving My Lashes Boutique showing just how much lashes can add to someones natural beauty. We love this look!

#XtremeLashes |
Sneak Peak of what is coming!! STOP RUINING YOUR NATURAL LASHES!!! NO MORE CLUMPS, STRIPS OR ADHESIVE for your natural lashes. Achieve the look of natural looking lashes that you would find in your plastic surgeons office at a fraction of the cost. Individual extensions or natural growth products for your own natural lashes. Nourishing eye and facial products all created by an RN for natural looking lashes and growth and skin. You can only get this from a CERTIFIED technician. Whoop, whoop, I am on my way and will be finished up with certification by March 16th. Getting excited to promote and create natural looking lashes. This is an amazing new technique and I am very excited to be doing this for the health and beauty of our eyes.
Stay tuned in!! Alpha Brush - Fine Nail Brushes Made in the USA
WWW.NEIRU.ME "How To Be Creative With Nail Art" by Neiru - Download Your Free eBook Copy WWW.NEIRU.ME Get this eBook and get the simple steps to increasing your creativity. Download it today + we're going to include a free Neiru sketch workbook along with your eBook!
Valentine's Day me to schedule your appointment at 765-714-5248.
Valentine's Nails!
Valentine's Day is right around the corner...start looking at your nails designs for that special day!! Call to schedule appointment at 765-714-5248.
I Love Manicures !!!
New Years Eve Nail designs!! Get your appointment scheduled at 765-714-5248.
Get your New Year's Nail appointments scheduled!! Call me at 765-714-5248.
Christmas Nail art!! Appointments still available, call me at 765-714-5248
Time is getting shorter for the holidays...schedule your Christmas manicures and pedicures. Don't forget the gift certificates to pamper your loved ones!! Call me at 765-714-5248
Schedule your Christmas appointments for some holiday nail art!! Manicures, Pedicures and certificates available too. Don't wait to schedule your appointment, call me at 765-714-5248.
I Love Manicures !!!
I Love Manicures !!!
I Love Manicures !!!
[11/24/14]   Appointments still available before Thanksgiving!! Message me or call me at 765-714-5248
I Love Manicures !!!

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