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[02/13/18]   BEWARE...sorry for the lengthly post.
24! For 24 years I have been doing what I love...hair. For 13 of those years I've been a permanent fixture every Tues.-Sat. in the front window at Head to Toes salon and for the past 10 years I've worked side by side with my best friend. Many thought I was crazy for building a building and a business that would never succeed in Rossville. To those that don't know me well, should know that when I make my mind up and do all my research, there's usually no stopping me and I give it 110%. The Head to Toes building has seen ALOT of change in these last 13 years. It's seen several talented cosmetologists work here, had Drs., been an apartment for myself, had tanning & nails, been office space and a work out area, it's had new owners, and has even had a car driven into my side while we were cutting hair. 😲 It's had a primitive shop in it and now is home to Grandma's Cupboard (which is a fabulous little store if you haven't tried it yet). This building has so many precious memories that make me laugh til I cry and some that just make me cry. My life has changed in so many ways over the last 13 years and I've always been an open book but over the last several months, something has been off...my attitude, my drive, my health & honestly the passion for my job. Over the last year I've prayed for a change, funny how God listens to you and gives you your breath of fresh air. You may not think He's working fast enough but remember it's in His time, not ours. ❤️ He also puts people in your life for reasons, so listen to Him, He's kind of a pro at this stuff. 😀 Anyways, with all that being said, a tremendous opportunity has landed at my feet and I cannot refuse. The anticipated change is coming! HEAD TO TOES WILL BE CLOSING it's doors this summer. Jill and I have been invited to join another business located on main street (peacock perch building) more details to come on that later. WE WILL STILL BE CUTTING HAIR! This also means no more shirt making. This is a very exciting time for everyone involved and cannot wait for what God has in store for us all. Thank you for your continued support and friendships over the years. We're committed to being our best for you. Change is good and here's to many more years in the hair industry. We are truly blessed with the best clients, family, and friends.
[05/09/17]   We would like to send our condolences to our Clinton Prairie clients, families, and friends for their loss. Our prayers go out to the Caldwell/Fingerle families for the next days, weeks, and years to come.❤️🙏🏻
[10/07/16]   I apologize to anyone that has sent me a message on this page. I do not check this page very often, it's more just for advertising items. If you need to make appointments or order anything, please call the salon 765.379.9700 or send me a message on my personal page. Thanks, Tonya
[06/30/15]   300 sq. ft of space available for rent. Great for office, storage, or a studio of some sort. Message Tonya Metzger if interested!
[06/09/15]   This is an apology to my/and Jill Cloud's clients in advance! I am super swamped and if I can't get you in for a little while, I truly am sorry. Gonna be a 1 woman show for a month (with the help of Brooke Wagoner on a couple days). I'll return calls if I can't get to the phone right away, again sorry in advance. So very thankful for everyone's patience, loyalty, and understanding for the next month as Jill recoups and finishes kicking cancers butt!!!
[12/08/11]   Great stocking stuffer ideas!! Gift certificates, ribbon necklaces, and ALL POPITS and accessories are 1/2 off, come stock up.
[10/04/11]   Come in and get your pink awareness feather this month!
[08/25/11]   NOW DOING FEATHER EXTENSIONS!! and they are so cute, tell your friends. Look us up at the Summer's End Festival this Saturday booth #53. 1 for $10, 2 for $18, or 3 for $25 (on 1 person) that's for feather, bead, and to put it in..I know most salons charge for each item :o)
[08/18/11]   Lots and lots have asked so...starting next week we will be doing feather hair extensions at the salon. Lots of colors to choose from, so check back in. Also I'll be at the Summer's End festival doing them at my popit booth #53.
[07/26/11]   HAPPY 6 YEARS to us! Can't believe the shop's been here that long :o)
[07/21/11]   Tanning is now closed and demolition has begun. So weird to think that side will look the same as it did when I opened 6 years ago. It's seen alot over the years :o)
[07/09/11]   The one tanning bed I wanted to keep just sold :( o well at least I got one sold!! 2 more to go, call if interested. 765-202-4484
[06/30/11]   If you have unused tanning sessions please use by July 16, please pass info on to your friends.
[06/28/11]   TANNING PART OF MY BUSINESS IS CLOSING MID JULY. I'm selling the beds first come first serve. Call if interested. 765-202-4484
[06/14/11]   Two business opportunities, thinking of selling tanning part of my business and leasing out 900 sq. ft. of space in a new building or looking to sell 1800 sq. ft building and I'll lease my side of it. Call if you know of anyone interested. Thank you! 765-379-9700 Tonya Blocher George
[03/18/11]   ATTENTION: Next week (March 22-26) we will NOT be open our normal hours. Please call in 379-9700. Sorry for any inconvenience ~ Tonya
[02/17/11]   Thinking Spring....start your tan!! $30(+tax) for a month!!
[02/02/11]   WE WILL BE CLOSED TODAY (wed. feb 2). See you tomorrow!!
[01/29/11]   February tanning special: $30 (plus tax) FOR 30 DAYS. Don't forget it's time to relax so book your facial or massage with Sam...You'll love it!! Please suggest this page to your facebook friends so they know the monthly specials, Thank you!!
[12/14/10]   Tanning special: Buy 5 sessions, get 2 free...buy 10, get 3....buy 15 get 4...NEW LOTIONS~ All 25% off!!
[10/07/10]   Come in and get $5 off a color or $2 off a haircut with Jackie Cloud !!! Just mention you saw it on fb.
[10/04/10]   Ok tanners, the temps have gone down so now's the time to come warm up!! October special: $25 UNLIMITED TANNING!!! AND 30% OFF BOTTLES OF LOTION!!
[09/17/10]   "Hair" we "grow" again...(ok that was lame) but anyway, we welcome Jackie Cloud to our salon. She's one very talented hairstylist. Make your appointment today!!
[08/18/10]   Reopened on Mondays again for tanning. $30 tanning available again!

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