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[11/17/20]   Ladies I have a few daytime appointments available for next week before thanksgiving!!!

I do have a couple evening appointments available for gel next Tuesday Nov 24! Solid color only and you have to come with bare nails!! Appointments available at 4:30, 4:45, and 5!
Shear Inspirations ‼️‼️ With all the unknown, we feel it is best if we cancel pictures with Santa 🎅 at the salon. Please share this and let everyone know‼️‼️

We are still accepting donations of non perishable food items for the lighthouse mission, as well as hats, socks, scarves, gloves, backpacks and personal hygiene products for Mental Health America.
[10/29/20]   I will be back in the salon and answering messages on Monday November 2 due to the passing of a loved one. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers if you could. I love you all!
[10/16/20]   Please bare with us today if you’re trying to call the salon! We currently have no power and are not sure when we will get it back!
[10/14/20]   As the holidays approach, I have had an increase of inquiries about special occasions nails! With that being said, I have had lots of negative reactions toward my pricing lately, so I feel like I need to remind everyone of the breakdown of my price list. *this price list has been the same for a few years now*

A full set of acrylic for a basic square or square round short length is $35 with regular polish and $45 with gel polish. Adding length and other shapes such as coffin and stiletto will increase the price of your full set.

A fill with regular polish will run $25 and $35 for gel polish. Changing the shape of your nails, or coming in with broken or chipped nails will change the price of your fill.

All of my art is hand painted and I will not use stamps, stickers or airbrush. Detailed art and multiple colors takes much more time than a single color polish. For two nails (one on each hand) I charge a starting price of $3 and depending on the level of difficulty, the price may go up. A full 10 fingers of art is a base price of $15.

I understand my prices are not for everyone, but I take pride in providing quality work, using only professional LEGAL product, sanitizing according to state standards, and working hard to always run on time and never make you wait for an appointment.

Thank you all for trusting me with your hands and feet❤️💅🏻
[10/07/20]   If you’re coming to the salon from the north, please take extra time for travel as Lafayette has closed from 25th to Spang. The easiest way to get to the salon is either come north on Lafayette from the fast food restaurants, or drive through terre town and come13th to Boston and come straight across Lafayette. Late appointments will be treated as normal regardless of construction!
We have Siera in the salon today doing $5 waxes!! Today ONLY ( September 23)‼️‼️‼️

Starting now (10:00am) until 4pm Eyebrow waxes are $5 DOLLARS!!!

Message me if your wanting to come in!!

We are currently looking for donations of Christmas/ winter decor in bright red, white, silver, gold, and black. We are looking for ornaments, wreaths, candy canes, snowflakes, Garland, Christmas lights, etc!

We appreciate any donations you have! Please let myself, Amber, Crissy, or Siera know what you have!
Some of you may know and some do not. Our sweet girl was hospitalized this week with pneumonia and dehydration. We have thankfully been released from the hospital but we still have a very sick girl. At this point McKinley’s health is my top priority and I will not be working the rest of this week. I will be filling up the next couple of weeks with appointments that have been cancelled and any new appointments will be scheduled starting Sept 21.

Please be patient as I contact clients about their appointments that will need to be rescheduled this week, and reply to the many messages that we’re sent the last few days.

I appreciate all the love we have received thus far and would appreciate if you would continue your prayers for our sweet girl.
[08/24/20]   Just want to give everyone a heads up about this past week/weekend! Yes we did have someone at the salon test positive for covid. This person had not been in the salon in over a week when she received her positive results. As a precaution, the other 3 ladies as well as The Buggy Shop next door went to be tested. We are happy to announce that all of our tests came back negative! As always, we are still taking every precaution to keep all of our clients safe during this time. Please continue to wear your masks and Sanitize as you enter the building!
Lafayette Revitalization Lafayette between Haythorne and 25th will be closed tomorrow Aug 17! If you’re coming from the north, please take this into consideration when coming to your appointment❤️ REMINDER: This section of road will be closed tomorrow. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
[08/03/20]   ‼️ ‼️Current openings start August 10‼️‼️

Get in for back to school nails!!!
[07/27/20]   ‼️CURRENT OPENINGS STARTING MONDAY AUGUST 10‼️ Daytime appointments available before 4pm! Plenty of mornings!!!

Tuesday July 28-
8AM - Gel manicure or Pedicure

Wednesday July 29-
10AM- gel manicure or pedicure

Thursday July 30-
8AM- gel manicure or pedicure
9AM- gel manicure or pedicure

Friday July 31-
10AM- gel manicure or pedicure
12pm- any service
[07/16/20]   ‼️‼️DISCOUNTED OPENING NEXT FRIDAY JULY 24 @8am!‼️

Single color dip $35! You must come with nothing on your nails! Comment to claim your spot!

Tuesday consisted of a set of tiny gels, beautiful purple flowers, and finally a fill on my own nails!!
In Wednesdays we wear pink 💁🏼‍♀️💅🏻
[07/16/20]   I hate this and love this all at the same time:

I currently have all evening spots FULL!! This means unless you are a current client, I cannot accept any new evening appointments AFTER 4:00pm!!

Can I interest any of my ladies in 8am appointments?? I have started my big girl in daycare and that means more time available in the mornings!!

Currently booking the week of July 27!!!
[07/06/20]   ‼️‼️‼️I currently have 2- 1 hour appointments available for the week of the 13th. 💅🏻This means I have time for a gel polish manicure, a pedicure, or dip if you come in with NOTHING ON YOUR NAILS! After that, MY NEXT AVAILABLE is MONDAY JULY 20! At this time my evenings are booked out almost a month, so unfortunately I won’t be able to take any new evening appointments at this time. Thank you for understanding!❤️❤️‼️‼️
I hope you all had the happiest 4th with your family and friends! Please take the rest of your holiday weekend to spend time with your family, as will I! I will resume scheduling at 9am tomorrow morning so feel free to call me at 8126452425!
[06/30/20]   Currently booking for July 13 and later! Evening availability starting July 15th!
[06/29/20]   Check out our grand opening video!! Everyone worked so hard for this day to come and I’m so proud of my team❤️ New business in Terre Haute Check out our grand opening!! As you could imagine, Amber Barnes was conveniently busy during the interviews and wouldn’t be on the news with me😂 2 businesses took advantage of the quarantine and opened up shop in Terre Haute.
LADIES!! Don’t forget to check into Shear Inspirations today around 4 for our Facebook LIVE grand opening!!

I have 3 baskets to raffle off during our grand opening!! Tickets available through PayPal if anyone is interested!! Self care, movie night, and a s’mores basket!!!
[06/17/20]   I’m back from time on the lake and ready to take appointments!! I am currently taking appointments starting July 2!!
[06/14/20]   Checking out for the next 4 days to spend time with my family! Please understand that I will not be answering messages about appointments!
Some Pinterest inspired nails to wrap up the work week!! My book is now open to schedule any new clients starting July 1!
She’s ready for summer!
Yesterday’s nails!!!!
Some nails I rocked out today!
Perfectly Polished and Shear Inspirations joined forces to bring you a brand new location at 2323 Lafayette Ave!! Located near 25th and Lafayette in Terre Haute! Just one mile south of the old salon!! I can’t wait to schedule you an appointment! Same telephone number!

If you know, please keep the secret to yourself!!

Can you guess what it is?!?! 💥 SURPRISE SURPRISE 💥

We have something huge to announce coming to Shear Inspirations!! We’re so excited to share it with you!! But shhhhh.... its still a secret!!! Can you guess what it is?!?!

‼️If you know the secret already, please keep it to yourself and help us keep the secret a little longer!!‼️

I tried a system in the past that I just didn’t like! I practiced this brand on myself with some fun colors and I’m so in love! I can’t wait to get you all in to try it out!
[05/11/20]   I want to thank each and every one of my clients for being so patient with me during this booking process! With all these extra precautions we all have to take to ensure our safety, there will be lots of adjustments to be made but we will get through this together! When booking your nail appointments, please remember that I do have a tiny one at home still that I can’t leave with just anyone during this time, so my time in the salon may be limited some days!

If I have not contacted you yet about an appointment, I promise I will get you on the book! If you had an appointment booked that had to be cancelled and I have not yet contacted you, go ahead and shoot me a message with your availability and I will get with you ASAP!!

Who is ready for some nails?!?! Drop me a gif that represents how excited you are to have pretty nails again!!
[05/06/20]   Just trying to get some feelers out!!! Drop me a comment if you’re wanting to get in for nails with me in the next couple weeks 🤚 and let me know what you’re wanting to schedule for! As I start getting people on my book and schedule those that I had to cancel, I will come back to this post to fill in extra spots!

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