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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that Matt is running a special through the end of the year to help build his clientele. He will be doing $12 dollar cuts through November and December! So come sit in his chair and help keep him busy! Also, don’t forget the holidays are coming up quickly and we will be filling up more and more spots, don’t wait to book! Call us or hit our link today and we’ll get you sorted. Thank you all, and catch you soon!
Another great Halloween at the shop! Hope you all enjoy your candy and we will see you all next week. 🤘🏼💈
Plenty of spots open today if you’re in need guys! Give us a call, or click our link to book. Help us keep these chairs spinning!
We are ready for Halloween! Are you?? We will be passing out candy from 4-6 during the town wide trick or treat hours and would love to see all you guys dressed up! If you still need a cut to top off that costume, call us or hit the link below. We look forward to seeing you in the chair, or in your costumes very soon!
Hey guys! Plenty of spots open this evening, call the shop, or follow the link below! Blake will be out of the shop Friday evening, and Saturday, so act quickly and we will get you something scheduled. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Hey guys, we have plenty of openings this morning and into the early afternoon, Adam and Matt have a few spots and want to get you looking your best!
Please share, or pass along!!

Everyone MEET MATT! As most of you know we have been struggling to add to our team, but we have finally found a great fit. Matt recently finished barber school, and just passed his state test. He is super eager to get started and build a clientele, so don’t hesitate to book with him, or come introduce yourself! The three of us look forward to seeing you all very soon, and thank you all for the continued support for our hometown shop!
Hey guys, this week has booked up super fast, there are VERY limited spots left. BUT! I have good news, we are starting our cancellation list for this week, and if you’re in need of a cut, call the shop or message us on here, and we will put you on the list just in case! If that doesn’t work, we’re booking into next week! Thank you guys for all the support through these strange times, and we hope to have you in our chairs soon.
Thank you all,
Blake V. Blake's Barber Shop Hey guys, spots this week are going very quickly! Friday and Saturday still have some availability as of now but they won’t last long! Give us a call or hit the link below to book! New school barber shop, specializing in quality work, kids cuts, shaving and fading. Appointment and walk ins welcome.
[07/09/20]   Hey guys, just a quick update, the shop will be closed the entire week of July 20th. Please share, or tell your family and friends that are due for a trim! Adam and Blake will both be on vacation, but next week, we will be working a few extended hours to try and fit everyone in before we head out! Send us a message, give us a call, or stop by, and we will get you right before we get out of town for a week! We look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Plenty of open spots today guys, call us, or jump on Schedulicity, we would love to get you looking your best. See you soon! 🤘🏼💈
[06/23/20]   Hey guys, Blake will be leaving the shop early Friday evening, and will be gone Saturday. He has a couple openings left from now until Friday, but is also open to taking a few late appointments today, tomorrow, and Thursday! DM us, or call the shop if you can’t make it until 7 or later, and we will set you up with something. Thanks!
[06/11/20]   Blake had an 11:30 just open up, any takers?
[06/04/20]   We just had an appointment for 1:00 open up today. Call the shop to book!
575-855-8932 Blake's Barber Shop Hey guys! Blake just had 11, and 11:30 open up for tomorrow morning. Any takers? Follow the link or call the shop! New school barber shop, specializing in quality work, kids cuts, shaving and fading. Appointment and walk ins welcome. Blake's Barber Shop Hi guys! It’s been a great week back in the shop! We are only taking appointments as of now and this includes Saturdays. I repeat THIS INCLUDES SATURDAYS. The book is filling up quickly and we are working overtime to cut as much hair as possible. If you’re needing a cut schedule through schedulicity, message us on here, or give us a call. We are here to answer your calls during our open hours, if we miss your call please leave a message! Thanks again for all the patience recently. You can reach us at 574-855-8932 and you can book your appointment online following this link: New school barber shop, specializing in quality work, kids cuts, shaving and fading. Appointment and walk ins welcome.
[05/08/20]   Ok guys, we are set to reopen this coming Tuesday the 12th! We are very excited to get back to work, but keep a few things in mind, EVERYONE needs a haircut at the moment, we are going to do our best to get you in as soon as we can! Also, if you aren’t feeling well, stay home! We will take care of you as soon as you’re well again. Please come to your appointments alone if possible, if not keep it as minimal as you can! Lastly, we are going to be APPOINTMENT ONLY until all this craziness is over. That includes Saturdays, and as most of you know, we usually do walk ins all day on Saturday. I will be working extended hours until we get everyone taken care of, so please don’t hesitate to call once we reopen, message me on here, or jump right on Schedulicity and get yourself an appointment booked. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to reach out. I hope that’s everything! See you all very soon!

Blake V.
[05/01/20]   Because of the update on the stay-at-home order we will unfortunately not be opening until May 12th. All appointments before that date will be canceled. You are welcome to reschedule via Schedulicity or give us a call. Loren is in the shop today to answer calls and reschedule. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone soon! We are doing our best to follow all of the ever-changing guidelines while also keeping everyone safe!
[04/06/20]   Hey guys, due to the Coronavirus we will have to keep the doors shut until May 1st. All of you can now go ahead and schedule for any day after the 1st. We look forward to seeing you all very soon. If you had an appointment scheduled for in between now and then I will be contacting everyone tomorrow.
Thank you,
[03/23/20]   Hey guys, just a reminder, if you have an appointment booked within the next two weeks, we will not be in. If you have not been contacted don’t hesitate to message us here, or to go ahead and cancel and reschedule for the 7th or later. We are taking this one day at a time and hope to see you all very soon. Stay safe.
[03/20/20]   Alright everyone, with our local travel ban we have decided to close the shop for the time being. We feel that the hair can wait until this all blows over. We hope to be back to work ASAP and will keep you all posted.
Please watch, and if this applies to you, don’t hesitate to reschedule, we won’t hold it against you.
[03/17/20]   Alright guys, with all this Coronavirus craziness going on, we will continue to be open. But, with that said, we will only be open Tuesday-Friday, by appointment only for the time being. This will allow us to control the amount of people in the shop and keep everything as clean as we can between clients. Please, come to your appointments alone, if you feel sick, your family members feel sick, or you’ve looked at someone who’s sick, please reschedule! We will keep everyone updated as things progress.
Thank you all for understanding.
[03/13/20]   8 o’clock opened up with Adam, and a 7:30 with Blake, any takers?
[03/11/20]   7-8 just opened up this evening with Blake, call the shop if you want it!
[03/06/20]   3 with Blake just opened up. Anyone want it? Call the shop!
[02/27/20]   Adam and Blake both have availability from 1-3 today. If you’re looking to sneak in give the shop a call!
[02/26/20]   5 this evening opened up with Blake, any takers??
Call the shop!
[01/24/20]   PLEASE READ!

So unfortunate news, Adam and Logan have both come down with a nasty bug, and to keep from getting anyone sick, we will sadly be closed the rest of the evening and tomorrow. Blake is out of the shop until Wednesday, but both Adam and Logan should hopefully be back on Tuesday. We are sorry for any inconvenience and we have been working to try and contact everyone to reschedule. If you had an appointment and have not heard from us, feel free to DM us and we will get you sorted out.

Thanks for understanding,
Hey guys, plenty of spots open this A.M. for a cut! Also, don’t forget, Blake will be out of the shop Thursday-Tuesday, so act fast, and let’s get you all looking your best this week! If you ask nicely, Blake may even stay late tonight to make sure you guys are taken care of!
[01/16/20]   Blake has some scattered openings this morning, and Logan will be taking walk ins all day. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we look forward to getting you guys all cleaned up for the weekend! 🤘🏼💈
Hey everyone, spots are almost full this week. Logan is still in taking walk ins the rest of the week though! Call the shop, or hit our booking link to get something set up. Also, Blake will be our of town, the 23-28 for a hair show, so make sure to book accordingly. He will be taking a few late ones over the next week or so if need be to make sure everyone gets squeezed in before he heads out! Blake's Barber Shop Just re-posting our scheduling link so it’s here for you guys! We can’t wait to see you all this week. 🤘🏼💈 New school barber shop, specializing in quality work, kids cuts, shaving and fading. Appointment and walk ins welcome.
Back at it today from 12-7, Adam and Blake’s schedules are filling fast for today and tomorrow but Logan is taking walk ins all day! We will be closed the 1st-4th, so stop in today or tomorrow!
[12/27/19]   Hey guys don’t forget, we are open today! We are full with appointments but Logan is in taking walk ins until 7!

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