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[11/19/20]   I have a last minute opening for color on Saturday (11/21) at 11am!
Message me or call 317-632-1947 to claim your appointment!
Feeling like you’re ready for something crazy different? I promise I’m into it 💙

Message me or call 317-632-1947 to schedule an appointment with me!
She said, “I’m just ready for the darkness.” Me too, Jasmine. Me too.

Hit me up for your fall-time makeover. 🖤
Do you feel like spicing up your look? 🌶

Call 317-632-1947 or message me to schedule your appointment.
Doing Councillor Ali Brown’s hair is always a joy 🖤
Call 317-632-1947 or message me here.

Stay safe and healthy out there, ya’ll 🖤
I got some serious Polly Pocket vibes from this one. 💜💙
I cannot believe I forgot to show off this transformation from last week!

This was done with the fade in mind. Start out with an intense coral pink, land on peachy deliciousness after a few washes. Fantasy colors are a journey! Shout out to Devin for letting me experiment 🖤
Did you “do a thing” to your hair during quarantine? Hit me up and let’s make the best of it 🤩
Fantasy colors blended with naturals is kind of my favorite thing right now. 🤩
Short, smooth, dimensional bob!

Leslie has been with me for her cuts and keratin treatments for a couple years now. This was the first time we’ve done color! We went with a nice golden copper base with some very sunny highlights.
Still reeling over this one from Thursday night! Abby went from fiery natural copper to strawberry lemonade. What a massive transformation!


Quarantine is rough. Feed your soul with some solid highlights and a good haircut. I promise it helps. 🖤
I think I wanna call this color “smoke and mirrors”

Doing Kelli’s hair is always a joy. 🖤
[01/02/20]   I have a last minute opening for color tomorrow (1/3) at 10am.
I’ll throw in a free conditioning treatment!
Hit me up 🖤
I neeeEEEEEED to do this 🌻💛🌻
Kelli has amazing hair that has a natural iridescence that accents any color that we go with. She has been so many variations of gold and mauve since we started her hair journey over TWO YEARS AGO! Today we finally got to a beautiful silvery/ash blonde that I am LIVING for. 🖤
I’ve got an opening for color on Friday at 10:45am! Whoever books it first gets a free conditioning treatment!!!
I’m offering another FREE haircut this week. Let me pick a look for you! Message me for details.

This offer is for clients that are ready for a pretty big change and/or something slightly out of the ordinary.

I have a spot open tomorrow (8/3) at noon that I would like to offer to a daring soul who is willing to try out a mullet. I will give you your haircut for free in exchange for creative liberty. Message me for details.
Alexis at WiP Downtown
Next week, I will be just a few color appointments away from reaching a long term goal. This is the closest I’ve been to this goal and I’m very excited.

If you’re thinking about color, please shoot me a message or call 317-632-1947 to schedule your appointment! If your appointment falls between 4/9 and 4/13 you will be eligible for a free conditioning treatment or brow wax with your service.
[04/02/19]   I’ve got a color appointment available tomorrow (4/3) at 6:15 pm.
Who wants it?
Still feeling the cool winter blues? There’s color for that. Wanna channel the warmth of spring? There’s color for that, too.

Whatever you need to get you through March in Indiana, I got you. Call 317-632-1947 or go to to book your appointment.
Before and after!

Monica came in looking for a big change that would require low maintenance. We went with a soft golden blonde with some subtle pinky tones to make it a little different. All the while, leaving a natural rooted base for an easy grow out process.

Call 317-632-1947 to book your appointment with me and let me help you discover the look that best suits your needs!
I’ve got openings for cut and color appointments on Wednesday (2/13) and Friday (2/15) this week!!

NEW clients are eligible for a FREE HAIRCUT with any color service!!!!

Call 317-632-1947 or book your appointment online at
Alexis at WiP Downtown
Crazy color correction from yesterday! Nish*thi came in for a consultation last week looking for a complete overhaul on her hair. She left feeling like a new woman with a beautiful fiery ombré!

Come in and let me fix you up!
Beautiful Blended Blonde, Baby!!!

Get over here to WiP downtown hairstudioandcolorbar and lemme brighten you up a bit!

POTENTIAL NEW CLIENTS!!! I’m offering a free haircut with any color service if you call to schedule before the end of July! Just make sure to mention this post at your appointment!
That's so Jen 😂❤️😂 One for my fellow hairdresser buddies. Enjoy! 😂😂 You will never hear your hairdresser saying these things...
PS I love my job, this is just a bit of fun 😊
#hairdresser #thatssojen
Hey folks! Who likes free stuff?

If you call and make a color and/or haircut appointment that falls before July 20th, you’re guaranteed to receive a free brow wax or deep conditioning treatment.

Just call 317-632-1947 (or message me directly) and mention this post when you make your appointment with me.

See you soon ❤️
Alexis at WiP Downtown
✂️ I am 100% here for these LOBS✂️
Shout out to Marley for letting me give her the chop! ❤️

Call 317-632-1947 to schedule your appointment! Let me give you your fresh summer style! 🌞
I have an opening for color/cut tomorrow at 3pm. Call 317-632-1947 or message me to schedule your appointment!!

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