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[05/29/20]   Mistys clients
I dont think I have gotten a hold of everyone. And If I haven’t I am so sorry. These long hours and wearing a mask all day is taking its toll on me. Im going to post my openings for the next few weeks. Let me know if you would like any of them

Tues 6/9 10:00 Haircut
1:15 Haircut
Wed 6/10 1:30 Color & Haircut
Thurs 6/11 12:00 Haircut & Color
2:00 Color & Haircut
Tues 6/16 11:30 Haircut
Wed 6/17 10:00 Color & Cut
Thurs 6/18 4:00 Haircut
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[04/30/20]   To all our amazing clients:
Jamie and I miss you and cant wait to have our Hairapy sessions. But we still dont have a date to open. We should find out tomorrow so Please keep having patience with us.

I do want to give everyone a heads up. Life in the salon will be very different. We have new rules we will have to follow. As soon as we get an opening date we will be reaching out to everyone to get you scheduled.

We love you and appreciate every single one of you! Watch for announcements tomorrow.
[03/18/20]   With all the craziness MJ’s Hairapy has made the decision to temporarily close our doors for the next few weeks. Thank you to all our amazing clients for being so understanding. We will be in contact with everyone soon to get you rescheduled. Stay healthy and we hope to see everyone soon!!!!
[01/08/20]   I have few openings left this week and next week if anyone needs in. Here are my openings.
Wed 1/8 2:30 Color & Cut
Thurs 1/9 11:00 Color & Cut
Tues 1/14 8:00 Color & Cut
Wed 1/15 9:00 Color & Cut
12:00 Color & Cut
Thurs 1/16 12:30 Color & Cut
Fri 1/17 11:30 Color & Cut
1:00 Color & Cut
Its crazy to think the Holidays are fast approaching. But they will be here before we know it. My book is already booking out. So dont wait till the last minute to try and get in. Pre book those appointments so you have great hair and that will be one thing you can check off your list. Message me for opening❤️
[09/05/19]   I have a few openings next Thursday 12th and Friday 13th. Message me for times❤️
[07/22/19]   Ok scratch the Wednesday 😊 it is filled. But instead now Misty has an opening that just became available for a Color this Friday at 3:00. Any takers on that?
[07/22/19]   Filled

Misty has an opening for a Color that just opened up for this Friday at 3:00 any takers????
[06/26/19]   Openings left in July and August

Wed 7/31 5:00 haircut
Thurs Aug 1st 9:00 Color or Hilight
11:00 Color or Hilight
Fri Aug 2nd Haircut
Wed Aug 7th 8:30 Color or Hilight
11:00 color or hilight
4:00 haircut & style
Thurs Aug 8th 11:30 Color or Hilight
5:00 haircut
Fri Aug 9th 9:30 Color or Hilight
12:00 haircut
Tues Aug 13th 9:00 Color or Hilight
11:30 Color or Hilight
3:30 Haircut
6:00 Color or Hilight
Wed Aug 14th 3:00 Color or Hilight
Thurs Aug 15th 8:30 Color or Hilight
10:30 Color or Hilight
12:30 Haircut
[02/21/19]   I have a couple openings tomorrow if anyone needs in. Message me for times
[02/13/19]   Very Few Openings left for March, who needs in before Spring Break???? I will be out of the salon 3/23-4/1 i will return to the Salon Tues 4/2

March openings
Tuesday Mar 5th 10:30 Haircut & Style
Wed Mar 6th 2:00 Color & Cut
Tues Mar 12th 9:00 Color & Cut
3:30 haircut only
Wed Mar 13th 1:30 Color & Cut
3:30 Color & Cut
Thurs Mar 14th 1:30 Color & Cut
Fri Mar 15th 11:30 Color & Cut
Wed Mar 20th 3:00 Haircut & style
Thurs Mar 21st 1:30 Haircut & Style
Fri Mar 22nd 11:00 Color & Cut
[02/13/19]   Things have been crazy busy in the salon. With my partner and BFF out for a while, Im not only taking care of my clients Im also helping take care of hers. Please have patience with me if you message and I dont reply back quickly. I will be posting my available openings for whats left of February. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
[01/15/19]   I have some openings this week. Message me for times. I will update and post my future openings tomorrow.
[01/03/19]   January openings
Tues Jan 8th 9:30 Cut & Color
11:30 Cut & Color
4:30 Haircut
6:30 Hair Cut
Wed Jan 9th 12:00 Color & Cut
Fri Jan 11th 9:00 Color & Cut
11:30 Color & Cut
2:00 Haircut & style
Tues Jan 15th 11:00 Color & Cut
3:00 Color & Cut
5:30 Color & Cut
Thurs Jan 17th. 1:00 Color & Cut
Fri. Jan 18th 9:30 Color & Cut
Tues Jan 22nd 9:00 Color & Cut
11:30 Color & Cut
2:00 Color & Cut
Weds Jan 23rd 9:00 Color & Cut
1:00 Haircut & Style
2:00 Color & Cut
6:00 Color & Cut
Thurs Jan 24th 9:00 Color & Cut
3:00 Haircut & Style
Friday Jan 25th 11:00 Color & Cut
Tues Jan 29th. 10:00 Color & Cut
12:30 Color & Cut
3:00 Color & Cut
Wed Jan 30th. 4:00 Color & Cut
Thurs Jan 31st. 9:00 Color & Cut
11:00 Color & Cut
1:00 Color & Cut
Dont let this be you. I have a couple openings left for next week. Message me if you need in and i can let you know what is left.

Reminder i will be out of the salon from 12/22-1/2,
With so much stuff going around if you or your child is not feeling well PLEASE reschedule. I have had several clients with Strep, Bronchitis and the stomach bug lately so lots of things going around. This is a crazy busy time in the Salon Jamie And I cant take a chance of having to reschedule our whole books. Thank you so much for your understanding!!!!! Jamie Jeff Lovell
Dont wait till the last minute to make an appointment. Here are my openings that I have left. Message me if you have any questions about the times. Also i will be out of the salon Dec 22nd-Jan 1st to be with my family. Happy Holidays 🎄

Wed Dec 12th 11:00 Color & Cut
5:30 Haircut
Thurs Dec 13th 1:30 Color & Cut
Tues Dec 18th 12:00Color & Cut
2:00 Color & Cut
4:00 HairCut & style
Wed Dec 19th 2:00 Color & Cut
Thurs Dec 20th 10:00 Color & cut
12:00 Color & Cut
2:00 Haircut & Style
[11/11/18]   Only a few more openings before Thanksgiving

Wed Nov 14th 11:00 Color & Cut
Fri Nov 16th 3:30 Haircut only
Mon Nov 19th 2:00 Color & Cut
Tues Nov 20th 12:30 Color & Cut
Wed Nov 21st 10:00 Haircut only
12:00 Haircut & Style

Spots are very limited before Christmas as well.
My book is almost full. If you want in for the Holidays i highly suggest to pre-book. My openings are becoming very limited
[09/06/18]   Openings I have left for the next few weeks. My book fills up very quickly especially my evenings. My evenings are running 4-6 weeks out and with Holidays fast approaching you may want to already think about getting on my book. Thank you all for keeping me so busy ❤️ please private message me with any questions concerning times😍

Tues 9/18. 9:00 Color & Cut
Wed 9/19. 11:30 Color & Cut
2:00 Color & Cut
Thur 9/20. 12:30 Hair & Style
Fri. 9/21. 11:00 Color & Cut
3:30 haircut only
Tues 9/25. 12:00 Haircut & Style
Wed. 9/26 1:30 Color & Cut
3:30 Haircut only
Thurs 9/27. 11:30 Color & Cut
Fri 9/28. 10:00 Color & Cut
1:30 Color & Cut
3:30 Haircut & Style
[08/12/18]   I have a few openings this week who wants to come see me😍
[08/09/18]   Misty’s openings coming up

Wed 9/5 9:30 Haircut & Style
Thurs 9/6 1:30 Color & Cut
Fri 9/7 2:30 Haircut &Style
Tues 9/11 11:00 Color & Cut
1:00 Color & Cut
Wed 9/12 11:00 Color & Cut
Thurs 9/13 9:00 Color & Cut
Tues 9/18 9:00 Color & Cut
11:00 Color & Cut
1:00 Color @ Cut
Wed 9/19. 11:30 Color & Cut
Thurs 9/20 11:30 Haircut only
12:30 Haircut & Style
Fri 9/21 9:00 Color & Cut
11:30 Color & Cut
2:00 Color & Cut
Tues 9/25 10:30 Color & Cut
Wed 9/26. 9:00 Color & Cut
1:00 Color & Cut
3:30 hair cut
5:30 hair cut
MJ’s Hairapy in Sola Salons

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[05/23/18]   Openings coming up.

Tues 6/12 8:30 Haircut & Style
1:00 Haircut & Style
3:30 Haircut & Style
Wed 6/13 8:30 Haircut & Style
Fri 6/15 2:30 Color & Cut
Tues 6/19 2:00 Color & Cut
Message for openings on Tues 6/20 & Fri 6/22
I want to announce my awesome daughter Jaylin will now be helping me with my buisness. Things are becoming over whelming with being so busy, I am having a hard time keeping up. So when you message you may be dealing with her. But if there are any issues or concerns or big questions she will relay them to me. Thank you all for your continued support. I am truly blessed with some of the best people in my life. Now lets welcome Jaylin
[05/04/18]   My appointments are filling up for the month of May. These are what are left for May

Wed May 23rd 2:00 color and cut
Tues May 29th
3:00 haircut and style
Wed May 30th 11:30 color and cut
1:30 color and cut
Beautiful Prom hair!!!!
I have a few appointments still available this week.
Tues 4/17 9:00 color & cut
Wed 4/18 12:00 color & cut
2:00 hair cut
Thurs 4/19 9:00 haircut
1:00 color & cut
Fri 4/20 10:00 color & cut
12;00 color & cut
[03/12/18]   Dont forget I will be gone March 24th-31st for Spring Break. These are what openings I have left in March.
Tues 3/20 1:00 color & cut
3:30 haircut
Wed. 3/21 12:30 color & cut
2:30 color & cut
Thurs 3/22 9:00 haircut
12:00 color & cut
2:00 color & cut
Fri 3/23 9:00 haircut
11:30 color & cut
[02/26/18]   I have a few openings left this week.
Monday Feb 26th 10:30,
Tues Feb 27th 11:00 color and cut
4:00 haircut
Wed Feb 28th 1:30 haircut
Fri March 2nd 11:30 color and cut

MJ’s Hairapy in Sola Salons

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